CH / Montreux

Construction physics: absolutely tight thanks up to four tightening levels. Pneumatic seals do not let any air through. The inner seal is used as a standard, a cleverly devised system of press and labyrinth seals on the outside provides draft-free comfort. The seals are blown up automatically through a control pulse. Brush seals remove the coarse dirt and they display an aesthetic transition from the frame to the leaf. The hot air duct, which can be installed shapely into the floor is recommended for the compensation of the missing heat reflection of the glass.

Air permeability in accordance with EN1026/EN12207 – Class 4

Resistance to wind loads in accordance with EN12211/EN12210 – Class C4

Rain impermeability in accordance with EN1027/EN12208 – Class E1500

Best heat insulation: You save energy with the HIRT SF 90, SF XL and SF Special. Best thermal insulation and the effective air exchange without room cooling are major features. Depending on the glass, it is possible to achieve a thermal transmittance (U value) of up to 0,75 W/m2K with a thermally separated design.

There are no limits in size, shapes and weight.
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