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High-end solutions in a variety of formats. The HIRT descending windows has been in use for more than two decades. The HIRT SF Special takes futuristic ideas about creating rooms and forms without boundaries with larger and larger dimensions and makes them a reality.

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For us sophisticated characteristics mean maximum convenience and top quality. High-tech features offer year-round comfort: in the winter months, your location stays cozy and warm, while in summer, the room is suffused with fresh air and sunlight.

HIRT SF Special: Unlimited possibilities for customized solutions

Round-shaped descender fronts (also with different radii as parabolas), descender fronts with horizontal sliding doors, descender fronts in solid wood, descender fronts with stone slabs, descender fronts that are onsistently cubic and flush to the building structure.

Contact us and let’s discuss your wishes and creative ideas.

There are no limits in size, shapes and weight.
Everything is possible. We realise your dreams.