Kollegger is official distribution partner of: HIRT MOVING ARCHITECTURE® 

Our over two decades cooperation with HIRT kinetics® offers our customers the best HIRT kinetics® projects in terms of design, quality and execution for an unique experience: at the push of a button, the entire facade slides silently and disappears into the ground, opening the room in an unforgettable way.
The descender fronts are manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest quality standards, regardless of where in the world they are installed. High-tech features offer year-round comfort for living areas, pool houses, garages, restaurants and event spaces. Furthermore, discretion and privacy protection are priority in our company.

HIRT kinetics® turns buildings into moving architecture by adding movable construction elements that enable walls, windows and doors to be shifted in multiple dimensions – for truly moving architecture, in every sense of the word.

HIRT kinetics® transforms buildings and opens up new dimensions in the design of building envelopes, walls and windows. Because HIRT kinetics® turns these elements into dynamic objects, they completely transform spaces by merging interior and exterior landscapes or making things visible that were previously hidden. Swiss engineering excellence, ultimate precision and a customizable solution revolutionize the spatial experiences envisioned by pioneering architects and enjoyed by discerning clients. HIRT kinetics® play an important part in providing solutions to construction challenges of the future, so that the architects can approach their designs with a more dynamic and multidimensional vision.

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HIRT kinetics®

There is no limit to what is possible with HIRT kinetics®. This page provides you with an overview of our product range and the different categories and sizes we offer.

The high-end solution up to 200 sqf

Uncompromising quality up to 430 sq ft

Creative designs up to XXL.

Simply genius.

HIRT kinetics® SF 90

Even though the SF 90 is the smallest member of our HIRT kinetics® SF family, it will still blow your mind. The sight of a barrier measuring up to 18,5 m2 / 200 sq ft silently descending into the ground will have heads turning and jaws dropping. All the products are manufactured with advanced technology and uncompromising quality.

HIRT kinetics® SF XL

HIRT kinetics® are sure to dazzle. The bigger, the more impressive. With a surface area of up to 40 m2 / 430 sq ft, the HIRT kinetics® SF XL building elements are particularly imposing. Also – or rather because – they are sometimes not there at all.


HIRT kinetics SF Special is the ultimate solution to designing modern, stunning, and functional buildings. HIRT kinetics® SF Spezial leaves nothing to be desired and are available in sizes and shapes that are sure to impress.

HIRT kinetics® HF

HIRT kinetics® HF is the “little brother” of our HIRT kinetics® SF series. The system allows for fast installation, cost efficiency, impressive quality, and safety.