HIRT kinetics®

There is no limit to what is possible with HIRT kinetics®. This page provides you with an overview of our product range and the different categories and sizes we offer.

The high-end solution up to 200 sqf

Uncompromising quality up to 430 sq ft

Creative designs up to XXL.

Simply genius.

HIRT kinetics® SF 90

Even though the SF 90 is the smallest member of our HIRT kinetics® SF family, it will still blow your mind. The sight of a barrier measuring up to 18,5 m2 / 200 sq ft silently descending into the ground will have heads turning and jaws dropping. All the products are manufactured with advanced technology and uncompromising quality.

HIRT kinetics® SF XL

HIRT kinetics® are sure to dazzle. The bigger, the more impressive. With a surface area of up to 40 m2 / 430 sq ft, the HIRT kinetics® SF XL building elements are particularly imposing. Also – or rather because – they are sometimes not there at all.


HIRT kinetics SF Special is the ultimate solution to designing modern, stunning, and functional buildings. HIRT kinetics® SF Spezial leaves nothing to be desired and are available in sizes and shapes that are sure to impress.

HIRT kinetics® HF

HIRT kinetics® HF is the “little brother” of our HIRT kinetics® SF series. The system allows for fast installation, cost efficiency, impressive quality, and safety.