Living without limits - with HIRT kinetics®

Movement is our passion!

If it’s the ‘wow’ effect you are looking for, Kollegger is for you. We provide our customers with the very best in world-class metal constructions for a breathtaking result. We are renowned for exceptional quality, exclusivity, environmental empathy and impeccable service.

Each property is considered a work of art and we guarantee you will have one of the most desirable homes in the world, not only beautiful but also functional. At Kollegger, luxury and technology come together to achieve a sensorial experience, dissolving the boundary between interior and exterior.

We work closely with our customers from the first idea to the final product, ensuring we are not only meeting their needs but exceeding them.

Where the panorama flows into the parlour

Why HIRT kinetics®?

“As metalworkers, we are frequently in contact with architects and we noticed that they were very unhappy with the options available for sliding windows: they were limited and when they opened, the windows remained inside the room, using a lot of space and making the room feel smaller. That is why, in 1988, HIRT intentionally started looking for a solution that did not require any compromises, even if it was clear to us that our product range might not be for everyone. We wanted the perfect product. And we did it! Hirt kinetics® fronts are magical, a huge wall that truly disappears!”

– Stefan Hirt, metalworker and founder of HIRT kinetics®.

Talk with us about your ideas and vision.

Talk with us about your ideas and vision.