Where luxurious relaxation nestles fluidly into the landscape.





HIRT kinetics®

Hadi Teherani


Gian & Levi

Project Partner

Kollegger Metallbau GmbH

An innovative way of building for a special kind of relaxationr

At the ATMOSPHERE, visitors will search in vain for clear edges and hard lines, but will instead find lots of elegance, great harmony, and inner balance. Everything here is round and curved, allowing one’s thoughts to flow freely and to help stimulate processes of transformation and regeneration. The architecture itself is meant to be an inspiration, helping guests achieve greater mindfulness in their everyday life through a conscious time-out. The interior design is therefore based a on modern, bright minimalism. The materials used – wood, exposed concrete, and stone – are regionally sourced and explicitly restrained so as not to compete with the view, but rather to emphasise it all the more.

The ATMOSPHERE is a truly extraordinary project. An international architectural competition was held especially for the purpose of finding the perfect design, and the winning entry by world-renowned architect Hadi Teherani, who grew up in Hamburg, convinced everybody. It emphasises relaxation and deceleration via a reduced colour palette, a purist design, and organic forms that underline the unique genius loci of Leogang. Teherani himself says of his approach that the architecture is always already there; you just have to recognise it. In Leogang, he created an architectural gem that, as a building, subordinates itself to nature without hiding in it. Instead, it takes up the surrounding landscape, incorporating and integrating it and the four classical elements.

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